Capital of the Six Dynasties

Venue:Exhibition hall at -1F of the Oriental M

From the 3rd to 6th century, Nanjing was the capital of the six dynasties, namely, the Kingdom of Wu, Eastern Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, and Chen. The capital was first named Jianye, and then Jiankang. The Jiankang city in the Six Dynasties was a world-famous oriental metropolis with magnificent palaces, dense population, and highly developed industry and commerce. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Nanjing Municipal Museum has engaged in excavating work at dozens of places in Nanjing, and obtained a number of archaeological materials that are closely related to the Jiankang city in the Six Dynasties. The exhibition “Capital of the Six Dynasties” has displayed these unearthed cultural objects for people to learn about the brilliance of this former capital in the East.

Style of the Six Dynastie
A Strategically Situated
Royal Clothes Made of Nan
Influential Family in Jia