A Strategically Situated Place

-The History of Nanjing

Venue:New exhibition area in the Nanjing Munic

Nanjing, renowned as the “ancient capital of the Six Dynasties” and “capital of 10 dynasties”, has produced numerous outstanding, influential figures and a profound culture in its long history. To display the brilliance of Nanjing, the Nanjing Municipal Museum launched in 2010 the exhibition “A Strategically Situated Place: The History of Nanjing”. The 4,200-square-meter exhibition area is divided into five parts: “Livable Place with Mountains and Rivers”, “Capital of the Six Dynasties”, “Rise and Fall of Nanjing”, “Prosperous Capital of a United China in the Early Ming Dynasty”, and “The Inception of Republicanism and Capital of the Republic of China”. Based on cultural relics unearthed in Nanjing, the exhibition displays major events and important figures at different stages of the city’s history. It shows the special status of Nanjing as one of China’s four ancient capitals. Besides showing the city’s contribution to China’s development, the exhibition focuses especially on displaying the characteristics of Nanjing when it was the capital of the Six Dynasties, the Ming dynasty, and the Republic of China. Representative cultural relics, figures, and events are used to chronicle Nanjing’s rise and fall: founding of the city – a brilliant ancient capital – decline of the city– rejuvenation of the city – the capital of the Republic of China. Through the exhibition, visitors can learn about Nanjing’s urban history, charm, and culture. The exhibition displays a total of more than 2,100 cultural objects. These objects, enhanced by modern methods such as scene reconstruction, model replication, drawings, and multimedia audio-visual materials, unfold before visitors’ eyes the splendid history of the ancient capital of Nanjing. Since it was opened to the public, “A Strategically Situated Place: The History of Nanjing” has become a place for Nanjing citizens to learn about the city’s history and culture, a base for primary and high school students to receive patriotism education, and a new card for Nanjing to go global. In 2011, the exhibition won the 9th Top 10 Boutique Exhibition Award for Best Production and the 2nd Jiangsu Boutique Exhibition Award.

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A Strategically Situated
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