Ming King Wuning of Zhongshan Xu Da Historical Relics and Records Exhibition

Venue:Yan’an Hall in the Historical Museum of

King Wuning of Zhongshan Xu Da, founding hero of the Ming dynasty, was resolute, brave, prudent, and resourceful all his life. He remained modest and loyal despite his great feats. In recognition of Xu Da’s great achievements, Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming dynasty, ordered a residence and a “Great Merit Arch” to be built for Xu to the south of where the emperor lived (the place where today’s Zhanyuan Garden is located) when he was the King of Wu. In the Qing dynasty, Zhanyuan Garden served as the Commissioner’s Office, in the Yan’an Hall of which a portrait of Xu Da was enshrined. When a new Commissioner took office, the first thing for him to do was visit the Yan’an Hall to show respect. The exhibition has restored the ritual scene of worshiping Xu Da, and demonstrated Xu’s outstanding achievements and military capability through illustrated murals and historical records.

Style of the Six Dynastie
A Strategically Situated
Royal Clothes Made of Nan
Influential Family in Jia