Qing Jiangning Commissioner’s Office Historical Relics and Records Exhibition

Venue:Mingzhi Building in the Historical Museu

Zhanyuan Garden, originally the west garden of the residence of Xu Da, King Wuning of Zhongshan of the Ming dynasty, is one of the most prestigious private garden in the history of Nanjing. In the Qing dynasty, Zhanyuan Garden served successively as the office of Jiangnan Commissioner, Anhui Commissioner, and Jiangning Commissioner. It was the official yamen in Nanjing that was second only to the Liangjiang Governor’s Office. It is currently the only well-preserved Qing Commissioner’s Office in China. To further explore the historical and cultural connotations of the Zhanyuan Garden and to protect this precious heritage, the Historical Museum of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom selected more than 120 historical objects and records to comprehensively display the vicissitudes of the garden in its more than 200 years’ history as Commissioner’s Office.

Style of the Six Dynastie
A Strategically Situated
Royal Clothes Made of Nan
Influential Family in Jia